The Catholic University of America

The Master of Music in Composition, Stage Music Emphasis

MM Thesis Works Produced Since 2007


Composer Title Genre Year Venue
Kyle Gullings The Eden Diaries Musical 2007 Ward Recital Hall, CUA
Gregg Martin Life in Death Opera 2008 Callan Theatre, CUA
Ben Bernstein Count of Monte Cristo, Act I Musical 2008 ATLAS Perf Arts Center, DC
Michael Oberhauser Magnum Opus Opera 2009 Ward Recital Hall Studio, CUA
John Diomede Esther Opera 2009 Ward Recital Hall, CUA
John Maggi This Is NOT My Life Musical 2009 Hartke Theatre Studio, CUA
Steven Allen Lyrics of Sunshine and Shadows Opera 2009 Ward Recital Hall, CUA
Roc Lee The Crossroad Opera 2010 Ward Recital Hall, CUA
Tim Eisman The Nightingale and the Rose Musical 2011 Ward Recital Hall, CUA
Andrew Morrissey Life is but a Dream Musical 2012 Callan Theatre, CUA
Joseph Kaz Alice Flagg Opera 2016 Ward Recital Hall, CUA