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The Undergraduate Minor in Composition

  John Paul Rehearsal Hall, Benjamin T. Rome School of Music
  John Paul Rehearsal Hall, School of Music

You don't need to be a composition major to take lessons and hear your music performed!  If you write music and want to develop your writing skills, and if you would like to hear your music read and performed, an undergraduate minor in Composition is a rewarding way for you to accomplish all of these goals. 

We welcome composers as majors, minors, or non-majors.  Writing music, in some form, plays a role in most musicians' careers, and we encourage you to explore your creative interests at CUA whether or not you are a composition major. 

The minor in Composition is currently available to School of Music students and comprises 23 credit hours, some of which may already be included in your major coursework.  

Admission to the minor in Composition requires the submission of a portfolio of at least one completed composition (scores and, if available, live recordings, not MIDI realizations) to the Composition faculty for approval, as well as an interview with Composition faculty members.  Please consult the head of composition, Dr. Stephen Gorbos, to learn more about the minor.

Undergraduate Minor in Composition Curriculum

MUPI ___ Private Composition lessons (Jury required each semester) 4 semesters @ 3 cr. 12 cr.
MUS 404 Composition Seminar 4 semesters @ 1 cr. 4 cr.
MUS 323  Orchestration (or MUS 381 : Advanced Orchestration)* 1 semester @ 3 cr. 3 cr.
MUS 434 Counterpoint 1 semester @ 3 cr. 3 cr.
MUS 473 Introduction to Electronic Composition 1 semester @ 1 cr. 1 cr.
MUS 499B
Composition Minor Recital**
  0 cr.
Total Credits for Composition Minor:

* If the student has already taken MUS 323, MUS 381 will be substituted

** Recital of original compositions (15 minutes of music). The candidate must participate in the recital as either performer or conductor. At least one work on the graduation recital must have been substantially generated through electronic media. Completed scores (including realizations of electronic scores) for the graduation recital must be submitted no later than 30 days in advance of the recital date.